Counselling and Hypnotherapy

Counselling and Hypnotherapy​​​
While skeptical at first, Gary provided me with a wonderful service within his safe and secure environment to address issues I wasn't even conciously aware I had, as so much time had passed since they first took hold. I can now say, with confidence, that my life has changed dramatically within the last year, and that my outlook has become much more positive on the whole. - Jason Molesworth.
As a bodybuilder, my diet is very important to me. For years I struggled to commit to a strict food regime, so I asked Gary to help me and after only one hypnotherapy session I have now found it easier to stick to my healthy diet plan. It is not a throwaway comment when I say that Gary has helped me make a massive positive impact on my life. - Sammie Arnold.
I highly recommend Gary. I wanted help to overcome my fear of tests, the fear of failing to achieve my personal goals and I now have the realisation that nothing can stop me when I believe in myself.​ ​​​​​​I failed my driving practical test 6 times but after only two hypnotherapy sessions, I'm very happy to say that I passed. Thanks Gary.- Craig Taylor.